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Wildlife declines by 50% since 1970

A new study by the World Wildlife Fund reports that wildlife numbers globally have declined by half since 1970. Freshwater ecosystems were especially hard hit, losing 75% of all species in this same period. Most of the decline is due to human impacts.

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Inhabiting the Anthropocene

A group of scholars at the University of Oklahoma has started an interdisciplinary blog about the Anthropocene, the human dominated epoch we currently live in. See it here: Inhabiting the Anthropocene

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Archaic Homo sapiens Technological Innovators

A recent study in Science demonstrates a 300,000 year old innovation in stone tool production that had previously been argued to result from the expansion of archaic Homo sapiens out of Africa. This study shows that innovation in bifacial tool production occurred intermittently throughout the world rather than from a single point of origin.

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